Introducing the Gatorade Highlights app—the best way to add FX to your sports videos.
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Now you can create your own broadcast quality reel—complete with animation, stickers, special effects, and templates that put your name in lights.

Highlights puts the power to create in your hands. It’s a video editor, so you can easily create clips of your favorite plays, moves, goals and tricks—and share them with the world. It's also a special FX machine. One-up your friends by adding motion effects and animated stickers to take your post to a new level.

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Custom intros make your highlight look like a broadcast-ready clip. Add details like your team name, jersey number, position and more to make it feel extra personal.

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phone with dowd athlete playing tennis athlete playing with app

Think fireballs, explosions, wings and more. We even created a new kind of dynamic sticker that you can track your moves across a clip. (Imagine a rocket perfectly following your shot in the air.)

athlete playing football athlete playing basketball athlete playing tennis

Slow that perfect goal down, add ground-shaking motion to a buzzer-beater, or replay that clutch moment again and again with special effects.

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athlete playing basketball in app athlete playing soccer athlete playing basketball out of app

Start building your highlight reel now

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