Backed by science: The History of GSSI

Over 30 years of helping athletes up their game

At Gatorade, we want to help athletes level up their health and performance, and do it in a way that’s backed by real, peer-reviewed science.

That’s why we created the Gatorade Sports Science Institute — to research athletes and learn more about their hydration and nutrition needs. Since 1985, GSSI has monitored hundreds of amateur, elite and professional athletes at universities, mobile labs and our headquarters—resulting in research, peer-reviewed articles, findings we can bring out of the lab and onto the field.

Take a scroll through our history and learn about the key moments that made GSSI what it is today.


Gatorade Exercise Physiology Lab established and Gatorade research began


1st annual Gatorade Scientific Conference held

1st GSSI publication in a scientific journal

Inaugural Sports Medicine Review Board (SMRB) established

Inaugural Education Advisory Board (EAB) established


GSSI formally established

1st Sports Science Exchange (SSE) article published

1st volume of Perspectives in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine published


GSSI establishes partnership with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

1989 GSSI
GSSI in Bradington, FL provides over 9,000 square feet for training and testing.


1st Sports Science Exchange Roundtable (RT) published


1st GSSI Conference open to the public held (Ohio State University)


10th annual GSSI Scientific Conference held (Vancouver, Canada)

GSSIweb established


In-lab elite testing begin

1999 GSSI
We provide athletes with advice and products that help their performance and achieve their goals.


“On-field” elite athlete testing begins


GSSI partners with R&D to commercialize the Gatorade In-Car Drinking System (GIDS) for NASCAR


GSSI tests 3 athletes training to run the Sahara. The run lasts 111 days, covers 4300+ miles, and is documented in the 2007 film “Running the Sahara”


Final GSSI Scientific Conference held (Huntington Beach, CA)

gssi shelves gssi locker room shot


GSSI leads first Gatorade Performance Lab (GPL) activation at the Super Bowl (South Florida)


Asker Jeukendrup appointed GSSI Global Director

GSSI opens 1st satellite lab on the IMG Academy campus in Bradenton, FL


GSSI opens 1st international satellite lab on the Loughborough University campus (UK)

GSSI Expert Panel (XP) established, first meeting held (Sarasota, FL)

GSSI establishes partnership with the European College of Sports Science (ECSS)


GSSI supports Gatorade’s efforts with global football by partnering with CBF and FC Barcelona GSSI work commences on the 1st version of the Gx Platform

2013 gssi
In Barrington, GSSI staff scientists study the effects of exercise, the environment, and nutrition.


FC Barcelona and GSSI collaborate on the 1st version of the FC Barcelona Sports Nutrition Policy

GSSI Loughborough lab closes, repositioning to focus on field testing


GSSI IMG relocates to expanded lab on IMG Academy campus


2nd edition of the FC Barcelona Sports Nutrition Policy published as hardback book

2017 gssi
GSSI scientists study the effects of nutrition on the human body before, during, and after exercise.


GSSI opens 2nd US-based satellite lab, GSSI Frisco, located within the Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy & Research building located on The Star campus (Frisco, TX)