A collaboration that celebrates Serena’s strength
Serena Williams headline image
January 15th, 2020


We collaborated with the legendary Serena Williams for a first-of-its-kind partnership to design the world’s first custom Serena Williams Gx bottle.

Serena Williams

About the project

Fueling and inspiring athletes to perform at their peak performance is at the core of Gatorade’s mission. With Gx, we’ve taken that goal one step further by providing athletes a new level of personalization, giving them more freedom to express their athletic identity.

serena gx bottle
serena gx bottle package


Working with Serena

With that in mind, we collaborated with Serena. From the start, she wanted strength to be a core theme in the look and feel of the bottle. With custom patterns and unique illustrations, the design tells a story that celebrates Serena’s strength, as an athlete, a mother, and a role model. This bottle's design embodies the unwavering strength and the unyielding spirit of the trailblazing icon that is Serena Williams.

Serena Williams

“Patterns really speak to me. Unlike something you’d have to wear, [the bottle] has more flexibility to stand out, and it’s a great opportunity for people to be authentically themselves, but in a different kind of way.”
Serena Williams

Whether you're just starting to use athletic insights to up your game or already utilize them to take your abilities to new heights, the Serena Williams Gx Bottle is here to inspire strength and help you win from within.