Bring Gatorade’s sports science knowledge to your workouts.

Prepare and recover with personalized insights and analysis previously available only to the pros.

Introducing the new Gx app from Gatorade. Get daily personalized recommendations for preparation and recovery based on your workout data and personal inputs. Follow stats for your training load and other metrics to see how you’re trending over time.

Get recommendations for every workout.

The Gx app directly integrates with popular apps like Strava, Garmin Connect, and Apple Health. Now you can seamlessly track workouts in your favorite app, then get a personalized recovery and preparation plan in the Gx app.

Strava App
Garmin App
Apple Health App
Get access to the same insights the pros use.

It’s all about readiness, training load, and completion.

  • Readiness is your level of motivation and fatigue. The Gx app helps you track how you’re feeling, so you’ll know when to give it everything you’ve got and when to take a rest.
  • Training load is the intensity and duration of your workouts. The Gx app monitors your training load over time so you can push yourself without risking overtraining.
  • Completion is how you’re completing recommendations before, during, and after your workout. The Gx app lets you see whether you are on track with your preparation and recovery, and how that impacts your overall readiness.
See recommendations without having to look at your phone.

The Gx app is also available on the Apple Watch, so you can use it to see your recommendations and mark them complete without touching your phone.


Pair with the Gx Sweat Patch to stay on top of your hydration

Get more personalized hydration recommendations by applying the Gx Sweat Patch to your arm before a workout.

GX App
GX App
Coming in 2021.

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